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Get to know us

About us

Cuadro is a renowned real estate developer founded in 2006 in San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, Mexico. Throughout +15 years we have formed a large family of expert leaders in each of the areas of real estate development. Venturing into projects of Corporate Offices, Smart Spaces, Shopping Centers and Hotels. With unquestionable values ​​and professional ethics, we have earned the trust of our community through the integral and transparent management of resources.

We generate value

Cuadro is the only real estate developer that generates value to its community as a result of the passion for innovation and the beauty of its works, inspiring confidence through the integral management of its resources.


Use of maximum sophistication in intelligent and modern spaces.


Passionate about art in our avant-garde design.


We inspire confidence through the transparent management of resources.

Imagine a better future

We evolve their lifestyle and helping them build a better future.

What identifies us

We identify ourselves by placing our open arms symbol at the top of each work, offering a big welcoming hug.

Personaje de Cuadro en Sierra Madre

Art that transcends

Contributions of the distinguished architect and sculptor Xavier Meléndez in each project.

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